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park before purchasing the Humphrey property. From their background, they brought into the park business, their strict New England virtues and great respect for natural beauty.

So, Euclid Beach Park was established on the foundation of fair dealing, clean entertainment, and pleasant surroundings. They permitted no alcoholic drinks in the park, no questionable shows, no gambling of any sort and no ballyhoo. In order to maintain their policies uniformly throughout the grounds, they operated everything in the park, renting out no concessions.

At the time when these policies were instituted, no one believed that the Humphrey's would be able to run the park successfully without the financial support derived from the sale of liquor, but the immediate popularity of Euclid Beach under its management proved their ideas to be sound.

The same features characterize Euclid Beach Park today. The grounds are clean and shaded by magnificent trees, the amusement devices are carefully chosen and well kept. There are camp grounds and a trailer camp that houses visitors by the season of for short stays.

Euclid Beach Park has everything to offer both young and old.

It entertains Clevelanders and visitors from many other places throughout each season in an atmosphere of gaiety and respectability.

Euclid Beach Park

Through black and white photos, many never published before with descriptive captions, gives a glimpse of one of America's great amusement parks. The paperback book covers The Early YearsA Walk Through the Park, and The Memories Live On, images of park rides and attractions that have survived to today.


The 501(c) 3 non-profiit organization, Euclid Beach Park Now honors and preserves the memory of Euclid Beach Park supporting historical education and preserving physical items and memorabilia of the park. Members of Euclid Beach Park Now joined together to create Images of America Euclid Beach Park to tell the story of this great park and its managing family and to present vintage images of this unique place in Cleveland history.


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Reproduction of an original 1964 season advertising brochure.

Euclid Beach Park is closed for the season

In 1977; Lee O. Bush, Edward C. Chukayne, Russell Allon Hehr, and Richard F. Hershey researched, collaborated, authored, and published a comprehensive history of Euclid Beach Park and the Humphrey Family.

Copyright 1977 Amusement Park Books, Inc. Published by Dillon/Liederbach Inc., Cleveland, Ohio.

Cleveland Amusement Park Memories

A nostalgic look back at Cleveland's classic amusement parks, Luna Park, Puritas Springs Park, Geauga Lake Park, White City and others including kiddie parks. Euclid Beach Park secured 26 pages in this 128 page paperback book.  Authored by David and Diane Francis.

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Souvenir Folder of Euclid Beach Park

EUCLID BEACH PARK is a nationally known amusement park covering ninety acres of lakefront property  on the northeast side of Cleveland, Ohio. It has been owned and managed by the Humphrey family since 1901.

This family was composed of three brothers, a sister and the wife and children of one of the brothers. They were originally from Connecticut and had been previously engaged in the lumber business and farming in a small town near Cleveland. A series of reverses lost the farm for them and they came to Cleveland penniless. After trying many other ways of earning a living, they finally hit upon the pop-corn business and had a stand for several years in the 

Welcome Back to Euclid Beach Park


A second book followed in 1979, authored by the same  four gentleman. Copyright is by Amusement Park Books, Inc. and published by Amusement Park Books, Inc. 

Booth books are out of print. Occasionally they can be found on E-bay and copies may also turn up at used book stores. Local libraries in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area may have copies on their shelves.

A Euclid Beach Park Album

Author Dr. James A. Toman explores explores Euclid Beach Park in this paperback book during its last season of operation, 1969. Park scenes are in black and white and color photos none of which have been previously published.


​Euclid Beach Park Now

​Euclid Beach Park Now (EBPN) honors and preserves the memories of arguably Cleveland, Ohio's most

beloved amusement park EUCLID BEACH PARK which operated from 1895 through 1969