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Euclid Beach Park Now is an organization dedicated to preserving the history and memories of Cleveland's greatest amusement park for the enjoyment of current and future generations. Since 1989, EBPN has preserved artifacts and memorabilia of the park and continue to research the park's history and share our discoveries with our members in the quarterly newsletter "The Arch".

EBPN's many activities include sponsoring memorabilia shows, multimedia educational presentations, and speaking engagement. Our organization maintain an active historical archive which is continually updated and has published a book chronicling the Park's rich history. We actively support the preservation of any remaining physical artifacts from Euclid Beach Park. EBPN offers historic audio and video recordings of the park as well as books about the park's history and many other commemorative items for sale through the website and during public events in which we participate. We welcome your membership and appreciate your support to help preserve the memories of Euclid Beach Park for future generations. Thank You.

Euclid Beach Park Presentation

Are you a member of a club or organization interested in a presentation about Euclid Beach Park?  Euclid Beach Park Now's resident historian and former park employee James Seman will gladly come and speak to your club or organization.  Call 440-946-6539 or send an Email to ebpn@bex.net. A nominal fee is charged.

Euclid Beach Park Now honors and preserves the memory of Euclid Beach Park.  The eastern part of the original ninety acres the amusement park occupied is a public park: Cleveland Metroparks, Euclid Creek Reservation, Euclid Beach.  For information on the park and to reserve the picnic pavilion call Cleveland Metroparks at 216-635-3304.

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​Euclid Beach Park Now

​Euclid Beach Park Now (EBPN) honors and preserves the memories of arguably Cleveland, Ohio's most

beloved amusement park EUCLID BEACH PARK which operated from 1895 through 1969