Kiddie Playland - During the 1950's Northfield Road

Cleveland Zoo Kiddie Park - 1950's/1970's

Memphis Kiddie Park - 1952 to present Brooklyn, Ohio Memphis Avenue​

White City

Opened in 1905 on the shore of Lake Erie at East 140 Street, the site of Manhattan Beach Park. Sold to new owners and opened as Cleveland Beach Park in 1909. Opened in 1911 as Bay Park and soon closed.

Geauga Lake Park

Opened to the public on June 20, 1925 in Aurora, Ohio.

Purchased in 1968 by Funtime, Inc.

Premier Parks, Inc. (later known as Six Flags) purchased Geauga Lake from Funtime, Inc. in the mid 1990's. When the park opened for its 2000 season the name was changed to Six Flags Ohio.

Early 2004 Cedar Fair purchased the park and reverted back to the park's original name, Geauga Lake Park.

Within a week after the 2007 season, Cedar Fair announced that the park would be downsized. The water park would open for the 2008 season, the amusement park would not. Instead the rides and attractions would be auctioned off.

Welcome Back to Euclid Beach Park

Postcard image from the collection of Richard Wickens

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Other Amusement Parks

Scenic Park - Rocky River, Ohio near Clifton Blvd. and the Rocky River Valley

Lincoln Park - 1906, site of Scenic Park

Washington Park

Forest City Park

Willoughbeach Park - 1907/1925

Gordon Gardens - 1923/1927 East 72 Street

Orchard Lake Park - 1927/Depression  Northfield and Peninsula Roads

Mentor Beach Playland

Luna Park

Opened on May 18, 1905, East side of Cleveland, Woodhill Road and Woodland Avenue. Closed at the end of the 1929 season.

Other Cleveland Area Amusement Parks

Postcard image from the collection of John Marn

Postcard image from the collection of John Marn

Chippewa Lake Park

Located in the Ohio County of Medina, opening in 1878 and closed in 1978.

​Euclid Beach Park Now

​Euclid Beach Park Now (EBPN) honors and preserves the memories of arguably Cleveland, Ohio's most

beloved amusement park EUCLID BEACH PARK which operated from 1895 through 1969

Postcard image from the collection of John Marn

Postcard image from the collection of John Marn

Puritas Springs Park

Located on the West side of Cleveland above the Rocky River Valley, opened in 1898, closed in 1958.