Euclid Beach Park Now (EBPN) honors and preserves the memory of Euclid Beach Park. The eastern port of the original ninety acres the amusement park occupied is a public park: Cleveland Metroparks, Euclid Creek Reservation, Euclid Beach Park. For information on the park and/or to reserve the picnic pavilion contact Cleveland Metroparks, at 216-635-3304.

Euclid Beach Park


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Welcome Back to Euclid Beach Park

Euclid Beach Park Now

Euclid Beach Park Now (EBPN) honors and preserves the memory of arguably  Cleveland, Ohio's most beloved amusement park  EUCLID BEACH PARK, which operated from 1895 through 1969.

Euclid Beach Park Now is among the recipients of a Project Support 2018 grant from  Cuyahoga Arts & Culture. The Project Support grant will  help with Remembering the Sights & Sounds of Euclid Beach Park


Part of the mission of Euclid Beach Park Now is: To support the education of the public as to the history of Euclid Beach Park through lectures, exhibits, displays, memorabilia shows, television and radio appearances, and any other available form.

This website was set up to assist in meeting that part of the mission. It contains historical information on Euclid Beach Park and some of its rides and attractions. The eastern portion of the old amusement park is now a public park under the management of Cleveland Metroparks. For specific questions on the facilities and events at the current Euclid Beach Park, contact Cleveland Metroparks at, 216-635-3200.

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Every Rider on Every Ride on the Euclid Beach Park Grand Carousel May Enter to Win the

Ultimate Euclid Beach Park Grand Carousel Experience!

JULY 19, 2018






SEPTEMBER 24, 2012

As part of its' "Images of America" series Arcadia Publishing has released "Euclid Beach Park" on September 24, 2012.  The 127 page book contains 228 black and white images, many of which have never been published before.


In 1895, five Cleveland businessmen opened Euclid Beach Park. Located on the southern shore of Lake Erie, on the east side of Cleveland, this parcel of land would become a magical place that was more than just an amusement park-it was an institution of the community. However, in 1900, "the Beach" faced financial collapse under the original owners. After being rescued by the Humphrey family, Euclid Beach began its ascendancy in the 1901 season. during its 74 years of operation, particularly the "Humphrey years," Euclid Beach Park offered a vast array of major rides and attractions and also utilized industry innovations, in ride design, construction, and park management. Few amusement parks have garnered the affection, memories, and respect that surround the wondrous spot called Euclid Beach Park.

Saturday, July 21

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Celebrate summer fun at the Cleveland History Center of the Western Reserve Historical Society. Experience the nostalgia during Euclid Beach Park Day.


A number of years ago, one of EBPN's Board members, donated a Thriller coaster car to the Western Reserve Historical Society. It was part of a Euclid Beach Park display at the museum a number of years ago and has been in storage when removed from exhibit. The upholstery that was done on car before it was donated was done incorrectly and needs to be completely replaced. The colors the car was painted are also incorrect. Since the car was stored indoors all these years it is in good condition. A few months ago under the direction of EPBN's Board, the President approached the museum about restoring the car to its original grandeur so it can be displayed in the Carousel Pavilion with EPBN responsible for raising the necessary funds. The museum agreed to the restoration under EBPN direction. The project has begun. Cost estimate is approximately $2,200.00. The template being used to restore the car is an unrestored Thriller car owned by The Euclid Beach Boys.


What remained of the old pier was deemed structurally faulty and not repairable.

The remaining section of the pier was demolished near the end of 2016. Cleveland Metroparks are planning for a new pier. Construction has begun. May be finished for EBPN's "Rememgering the Sights and Sounds of Euclid Beach Park", 2018.

Thursday, August 16

​National Roller Coaster Day

Are you a member of a club, group, or organization interested in a presentation about Euclid Beach Park?  Euclid Beach Park Now's resident historians will gladly come and speak to your club, group, or organization. Call 440-946-6539 or send an e-mail to  An e-mail form can be found on the "Contact' page of this website. A nominal fee is charged.

Wednesday, July 25

​National Carousel Day. Commemorates the first U.S. patent for the modern carousel issued to William Schneider of Davenport, Iowa in 1871.

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1895 - 1969


Euclid Beach Park Now honors and preserves the memory of Euclid Beach Park by supporting historical education and preserving physical items and memorabilia of the park. Members of Euclid Beach Park Now joined together to create Images of America: Euclid Beach Park to tell the story of this great park and its managing family and to present vintage images of this unique place in Cleveland history.


Copies of Images of America: Euclid Beach Park are $21.95 each, add $4.50 shipping and handling (via USPS) for each book ordered and finally add 8% Ohio Sales Tax, Cuyahoga County.  Make all checks payable to Euclid Beach Park Now, and include Name, Address, City/State/Zip Code, Phone Number and E-mail Address. Send to Euclid Beach Park Now, P.O. Box 19535, Cleveland, OH  44119-0535.

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With the initial work started on the Thriller car, when the plywood seat bottoms were compared to those from another, original, unrestored car it was obvious plywood was not used originally. A pattern has been created using the original. All the stainless steel panels have been removed to access and asses the condition of the wood panels beneath. This was also done for installation of the upholstery.​


Behind the scenes tour for 4 of the

Euclid Beach Park Grand Carousel on Maintenance Monday.

​Private Chartered Motor Coach Tour for 4

to the Following Locations

Behind the Scenes Tour of Carousel Works  in Mansfield, Ohio

​The Worlds Largest Manufacturer of

​Wooden Carousels in the World.

A Visit to and Ride on the Richland Carrousel Park

Merry-Go-Round. ​Opened in 1991 as the first new,

hand carved carousel to be built

​and operated in the United States since the 1930's, the end of

the Golden Age of amusement parks.

Lunch for 4 in Mansfield

Behind the Scenes Tour of the Merry-Go-Round Museum

in Sandusky, Ohio.

The doors to the Merry-Go-Round Museum opened

to the public on July, 14, 1990.

The Merry-Go-Round Museum display artifacts

that add to the public’s awareness, knowledge, and

appreciation of the history of the carousel.

Euclid Beach Park Day Giveaway!


Sunday, September 30, 2018


The Winner Will be Drawn on

Saturday, July 21st At Euclid Beach Park Day



  • Installed at Euclid Beach Park in 1910. Nineteenth Carousel made by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company of Philadelphia, PA.
  • Euclid Beach Park closes in 1969. Carousel sold and moved to Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.
  • Palace Playland is sold in 1996. New owners negotiate for purchase of carousel that is privately owned.
  • Carousel is consigned to an auctioneer in 1997 who moves the carousel back to Cleveland.  Purchased by The Trust For Public Land in behalf of Cleveland Tomorrow.
  • Cleveland Tomorrow repays The Trust For Public Land. In 1998 it places the carousel under the stewardship of the Western Reserve Historical Society (WRHS). Restoration of all the horses and the chariots begin.
  • Cleveland Tomorrow gifts the horses and chariots to WRHS, making WRHS the full and sole owners of the carousel.
  • ​On the 100th anniversary of the carousel in 2010, WRHS partners with Cleveland's Euclid Beach Park Carousel Society, and Euclid Beach Park Now to return the carousel to public use.
  • ​Carousel opens to the public on November 23, 2014

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