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Euclid Beach Park Now (EBPN) honors and preserves the memory of Euclid Beach Park, Ohio's most famous amusement park, which operated from 1895 through 1969.

Our mission is to support the historical education of Euclid Beach Park through lectures, exhibits, displays, memorabilia shows, television and radio appearances, and any other available media. We also support the preservation of physical items and memorabilia from Euclid Beach Park that may be owned by other organizations, private individuals, or any other entity.




9th Annual, Remembering the Sights & Sounds of Euclid Beach Park 

Euclid Beach Park Now's annual September event, on the closest Sunday to September 28, the date in 1969 which was the last day the park was open. It is estimated that between 2,700 and 3,000 individuals show up to stroll what is now part of Cleveland Metroparks but was the site of Cleveland's most beloved amuement park.





Fourth Four Years Later a New Thrill Ride, Cedar Point Announces New Rides for 2014 Season 

Flying Scooters
Flying Scooters, Euclid Beach Park 

Built by the Bisch-Rocco of Chicago, IL. Installed for the 1938 season. Moved and operated at Shady Lake Park until it closed in 1982. The Flying Scooter and all the rides from Shady Lake Park were sold to Old Indiana Fun Park which opened in 1983 northwest of Indianapolis, IN. Old Indiana Fun Park closed in 1996 the rides and fixtures sold at an auction held on February 22, 1997.


 Lake Erie Eagles, Cedar Point, New for 2014 (Used with Permission)

The following provided by Cedar Point

SANDUSKY, Ohio (Aug. 27, 2013) - Cedar Point amuement park/resort, known around the world for its record-breaking collection of rides and roller coasters, announced several plans for the 2014 season, including introducing two new family rides, changes to the park's Camp Snoopy area and more details on a two-year renovation project to Hotel Breakers. 

Joining Cedar Point's impressive lineup of rides next summer will be Pipe Scream 0 a Disk'O Coaster, and Lake Erie Eagles - a Flying Scooters ride. Located along the Gemini Midway, Pipe Scream is billed as "combining the best roller coaster and a flat ride in one." Riders will spin and coast over 302 feet of track, reaching a maximum height of 43 feet above the midway and a top speed of 43 mph! Pipe Scream is manufactured by Zamperia, Parsippany, NJ. Across from Pipe Scream, Lake Erie Eagle will also soar onto the Gemini Midway and will treat a new generation of Cedar Point's guests to a classic threll ride. Rider on Lake Erie Eagle will sit in one of eight ride carriages that are supended from arms located more than 28 feet above the ground. As the ride begins its cycle, the carriage will swing outward simulating the sensation of flight! A paddle on the carriage will allow guests to alter their flight experience from mild to wild! Lake Erie Eagle is manufactured by Larson International, Inc., Plainview, Texas.


New Euclid Beach Park Book Released September 24, 2012

As part of its' "Images of America" series Arcadia Publishing has released "Euclid Beach Park" on September 24, 2012.  The 127 page book contains 228 black and white images, many of which have never been published before.

Book Description:

In 1895, five Cleveland businessmen opened Euclid Beach Park. Located on the southern shore of Lake Erie, on the east side of Cleveland, this parcel of land would become a magical place that was more than just an amusement park—it was an institution of the community. However, in 1900, “the Beach” faced financial collapse under the original owners. After being rescued by the Humphrey family, Euclid Beach began its ascendancy in the 1901 season. During its 74 years of operation, particularly the “Humphrey years,” Euclid Beach Park offered a vast array of major rides and attractions and also utilized industry innovations in ride design, construction, and park management. Few amusement parks have garnered the affection, memories, and respect that surround the wondrous spot called Euclid Beach Park

Author Bio:

Euclid Beach Park Now honors and preserves the memory of Euclid Beach Park by supporting historical education and preserving physical items and memorabilia of the park. Members of Euclid Beach Park Now joined together to create Images of America: Euclid Beach Park to tell the story of this great park and its managing family and to present vintage images of this unique place in Cleveland history





French Amusement Park Enthusiasts Visit Euclid Beach State Park

Parcs Passion is a non-profit French organization established in 2002 for amusement park enthusiasts. There are many theme and amusement jparks in Europe and worldwide. Not everyone has a driver's license, a personal vehicle, can handle foreign languages, or want to organize the many details of a major trip to a theme park in Europe of other part of the world. Parcs Passion organizes trips to amusement park, making arrangements for transpoprtation, bus or train, and all other details. The association organizes at least two trips per year, a one-day excursion and another which could take two to four days.

Their 2012 Hyper-Mega AIRTIME tour  brought 39 of the organization's 180 members to America for the first time. They landed in Washington D.C. on August 15, 2012 to start the tour of some amusement parks located in the Northeast United States. Ten amusement parks were visited including Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Kings Dominion, Knobels Amusement Resort, ending with two days at Cedar Point. Before visiting Cedar Point they were in Cleveland, Monday, August 27, 2012 the only rainy day of their tour. After spending the morning in downtown Cleveland their tour bus brought them to the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland's University Circle. There they were welcomed by Euclid Beach Park Now (EBPN) President John Frato, Vice President Rich Wickens and Secretary Jim Seman. While at the museum, they saw the exhibit for the Euclid Beach Park Carousel and the progress on the construction for the carousel pavilion. Jim gave a visual presentation to Parcs Passion on Euclid Beach Park then John talked about the carousel project. Then it was off to Euclid Beach State Park. There other EBPN members were present to extend a warm welcome along with Councilman Michael Polensak. Board member Bob MacCallum gave a tour of old Euclid Beach Park from under the protection of the State Park's picnic pavilion as the rain was heavy at times, pointing to the former locations of various rides and attractions.

Before boarding the bus and continue on to Cedar Point each French guest was given two Humphrey Popcorn balls and a bag of Candy Kisses.

Cleveland City Councilman Michael Polensek Welcomes Parcs Passion to the City and Euclid Beach State Park

Cleveland City Councilman Michael Polensek Welcomes Parcs Passion to Cleveland and Euclid Beach State Park

Hyper-Mega AIRTIME 2012 Tour Group and Members of Euclid Beach Park Now


Left to Right: Parcs Passion Vice President, Lilian Brayat and President Yves Merienne